How Keith Urban Gave Dasha’s Career a Big Boost

Lately, if you turn on the radio or open up any form of social media, be it Instagram, TikTok or YouTube, you are more than likely to hear the song “Austin,” by country newcomer, Dasha. Who is Dasha and how did she get to where she is currently? Well, one country superstar — Keith Urban — […]

Cody Johnson’s National Anthem at MLB All-Star Game

Cody Johnson was on hand to sing the National Anthem at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Arlington, Texas on Tuesday (July 16). He kept his version simple, but it was executed flawlessly in his on-brand Southern style. In a video shared on social media, Johnson is introduced in his home state of Texas. […]

Trump Chooses ‘Former Critic’ as Running Mate for 2024 Election

After months of speculation and just days after an attempt on his life at a rally in Pennsylvania, Donald Trump has formerly announced his pick for vice president. Trump has named Ohio Sen. J.D. Vance as his running mate for November’s Presidential election. The announcement came earlier today while Trump officially became the Republican party’s […]

George Strait Salutes Law Enforcement After Trump Rally Shooting

During his sold-out show in Detroit, Mich. on Saturday (July 13), George Strait appeared to reference the alleged assassination attempt on former president Donald Trump. Just hours after a gunman opened fire at a Trump campaign rally, injuring the former president and killing a spectactor, Strait took the stage at Detroit’s Ford Field on a […]

Donald Trump Bloodied During Rally Shooting: REPORT

Former President Donald Trump was left bloodied during a campaign rally during an apparent shooting. On Saturday (July 13) at 6:13 PM, at least seven popping noises reverberated at the campaign rally in Butler, Pennsylvania. Secret Service agents were seen tackling and covering Trump who was at his podium speaking when the popping noises took […]

11 Things Country Fans Need to Know

Post Malone may not be the man you think he is. These 11 facts about the “I Had Some Help” singer shed light on his childhood, beliefs and mistakes. Plus, you’ll learn the real reason he has so many face tattoos. Everyone knows Post Malone (Austin Richard Post) was born in 1995, lived in Texas […]

Man Hilariously Runs for His Life From 45 Escaped Cows: WATCH

You’re walking through a suburb area of homes and come across a young man sprinting around a corner. You would think that he’s running for something, that something was animals that nobody was expecting… a herd of escaped cows! The incident took place in the Ripon area of Yorkshire, England on July 8. At first, […]

Two Major Changes Coming to Target Stores Immediately

Who doesn’t love a nice shopping spree at Target. Well, unless you spend way more than you want to and have shoppers remorse after the fact. Hey we’ve all been there so no judgement on my part. Shopping at any big box store can get a bit harried when they’re crowded and especially if you […]

Big Lots Locations Closing Due to ‘Inflation’ According to Report

Yet another discount store could be headed for disaster as it begins to close locations. Tough Year For Discount Retail Stores Let’s first look back at the first half of 2024 and the growing issues among discount retail stores. Family Dollar, which is owned by Dollar Tree, announced plans to close nearly 1,000 stores throughout […]