As a Parent, Jason Aldean Can Relate to Homework Stress

Jason Aldean is one of country music’s current best-selling artists thanks to hits such as “Got What I Got” and “Blame It On You,” but as a father, he faces the same day-to-day triumphs and challenges that many parents face. As children begin heading back to school (and/or virtual learning), one of those parental challenges is undoubtedly helping kids with math homework.

Aldean recently told CMT’s Cody Alan during an interview, “The thing is, I have been out of school for a long time, man, and I wasn’t that good at it when I was going all of the time. I was helping [my daughter] with one of her math papers, which was my worst subject in school. I was checking her paper. Well, she took it to school and got three wrong.”

He also shared his solution to the problem.

“From then on, if you have math, have your momma check these,” Aldean said with a laugh. “If you have anything that has to do with English or history, I am your man, but math was not my strong point.”

Aldean is currently on the road for his Back in the Saddle Tour, which launched Aug. 5 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He also recently teamed with Carrie Underwood for the single “If I Didn’t Love You,” which is rising on country radio.

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