Arkansas Police Capture Elf on a Shelf Following Scooter Joyride

An elf has been returned home following a brief run-in with police officers.

The Bryant Police Department recently shared a video of one of its officers visiting a home in the Little Rock, Ark., suburb. Officer Sturdevant is seen approaching the home, where she speaks to a young resident, Lyric.

Bryant Police Department via Facebook

Bryant Police Department via Facebook

The department explained in a Facebook post that the officer saw something “unusual” when leaving the nearby high school.

“Traveling down Reynolds Road was a small elf on a scooter,” the department posted. “Turns out it was an elf on a shelf, ‘Snowflake.'”

For those unfamiliar with the holiday tradition, an elf doll that has the ability to report children’s behavior back to Santa moves around a family’s home each night leading up to Christmas. The concept was first introduced by the 2005 book The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition.

Snowflake happens to be the one tasked to watch over Lyric and her family.

“If you want to come out here and make sure this is her, just so I know I have the right person,” the officer tells Lyric.

Moments later, the two arrive at the door of a squad car, where a small elf is buckled into the backseat. Both Lyric and her mom positively identified the elf as the one from their home.

Bryant Police Department via Facebook

Bryant Police Department via Facebook

“Snowflake was in a hurry because she was late getting to her house and her owner, Lyric has been missing her this December,” the department explained.

No charges are pending at this time. View the full video HERE.

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