’90s Now a Retro Halloween Costume: WATCH

If you’re already feeling some type of way about the early ’90s officially being 30 years ago instead of, say, just yesterday, this viral TikTok is sure to rub salt in the wound.

Yes it’s true: The ’90s are officially retro, according to Halloween costume stores everywhere, which means you’re totally old now.

TikTok content creator @nicolestorydent proves it in this viral video, which shows her reacting in horror as she, after happily prancing past ’50s-, ’60s-, ’70s- and ’80s-themed decades costumes, comes across a section dedicated solely to the era of Clueless and All That.

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From swishy hip-hop windbreakers to a ’90s male heartthrob costume and an accessory pack featuring butterfly hair clips alongside a chunky Nokia phone, all the greatest sartorial hits of the ’90s are present and accounted for.

There’s even a Britney Spears-themed throwback to her bubblegum pop princess days, as well as a costume based on country star Shania Twain‘s iconic leopard look from her “That Don’t Impress Me Much” music video.

“When you see your childhood is now a costume,” the video, below, is captioned.

In the comments section, disgruntled millennials joked about feeling old.

“Welcome to the party, Millennials. Here’s your rocking chair,” one person wrote.

“I will not stand for this blasphemy. Those Nokia phones weren’t even popular ’til the 2000s. ’90s phones were solid bricks,” someone else commented.

“Seeing costumes of stuff that you used to wear on like a daily basis is the most terrifying thing,” another admitted.

“We’re a culture, not a costume,” someone else joked.

“Don’t feel bad. I’m Gen Z and the stores aren’t marketing for my age group anymore. My toys from childhood are ‘retro’ apparently,” another user reassured other commenters.

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