7.3 Gasser or 6.7 Diesel?


If you were planning on towing up to 18,000 pounds, would you trust a new Super Duty 7.3 or just default to diesel?

Historically speaking, most folks prefer to go with a diesel engine in their heavy duty Super Duty pickups. Mainly because when you’re stepping up to this class, you likely have a reason. As in, you’re looking to tow big, heavy loads. But now that Ford is offering an enticing new 7.3-liter gas engine in its 2020 Super Duty, a lot of folks are understandably considering going that route. That includes Ford Truck Enthusiasts member Kenh0227, who sought out some advice on this topic recently in this thread.

“I’m thinking about buying a new F-350 but I’m not sure what motor to get. My wife and I are retired and are going to pull a trailer six months out of the year. Is the extra money for the diesel worth it, or should I get the gasser with bigger 4.30 gears? Right now I have an F-250 with the 6.2 and 3:73 gears. Right now we pulling a 9,000 pound trailer. But we have been looking at 5th wheels and will need to have the ability to pull up to 18,000.”

2020 Ford Super Duty

For some, this seems like an easy choice.

“I am a huge fan of gas V8s. But with your towing, you should get the diesel,” said RandyinTN.

“If you are seriously looking at 18k pounds, get the 6.7,” added maypo59.

“Dually and diesel. This discussion is over. Good luck with your new truck and safe travels!” said ncl.

2020 Ford F-350

But for shawnee1, the decision is a little more complicated than that.

“I’m a gas engine person because that meets my needs. But for what you describe, the diesel is a better fit, especially if you intend on moving a lot during those 6 months. If it’s just a matter of driving it to the southwest and parking for 6 months, then you might get by with the 7.3. The more miles you plan on driving while towing, the more robust truck you will want to have. Dually is a definite consideration for 18,000 lbs of trailer. You should also consider the F-450, as it offers benefits over the F-350 for your application.

Keep an eye on payload numbers. There are numerous threads on this forum discussing payload limitations with certain truck model/trims and engine configurations. You will want to carefully match the truck with the trailer.”

2020 Ford Super Duty

Ding126 isn’t 100% convinced that a diesel Super Duty is the way to go here, however.

“It’s a coin toss in my opinion. With gas, you get less miles per gallon, but also less maintenance. Diesel is made for towing and gets better miles per gallon, but fuel costs more. Oil and fuel filter maintenance cost more. And it’s roughly $10k more for the diesel motor. That money buys a lot of fuel.”

So perhaps this decision isn’t so black and white, after all. Thus, we want to know what you think. If you were in the OP’s shoes, which engine would you choose for your Super Duty? Head over here and let us know!

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