50 Most Popular Biblical Baby Names

When trying to select a name for a newborn child, it appears many parents turn to the Bible for inspiration.

To find out which biblical names are the most popular, Stacker called on Behind the Name and the Social Security Administration’s baby names database to rank the Top 50 out of the more than 500 names gathered in 2019.

Peeking through the list, you may be surprised to find that such common names as Sarah and Zachary have biblical origins. Sarah, which ranks at No. 42 on the popularity list, was the name of Abraham’s wife in the Old Testament, while Zachary is a spinoff of Zacharias that appears in the New Testament. More unique names like Delilah, Silas, Naomi and Ezekiel are also among the names lifted from the Bible.

Multiple names on this list have also made their way into the country music world. Both of Carrie Underwood‘s sons, who boast the strong biblical names of Jacob and Isaiah, are in the Top 30, as is the name of Shay Mooney‘s son, Asher, which translates to “happy” and “blessed” in Hebrew.

Scroll through the list to see the rest of the Top 50 most popular biblical names for babies.

50 Most Popular Baby Names From the Bible

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